• 3501 – 5000
  • Overseas
  • Anywhere

Industry : Manufacturing
Location : Singapore

Key Responsibilities:
• Ensure responsive support from the Technical Marketing department to the market in the allocated countries of responsibility.
• Develop and constantly update technical materials and documents including specifications, drawings and test reports for internal and external use.
• Recommend certification requirements from the market and conduct testing for product renewals and new product development.
• Responsible for external technical engagement such as presentation, site visit, and consultant visits on specific arrangements.
• Conduct product proposals and technical calculations to external clients or consultants.
• Keep constant updates and maintain high level of competency in the core knowledge area (thermal, fire, acoustic or energy efficiency) through seminars, courses or self-study.
• Plan, develop and execute marketing plans in engaging different stakeholders under specific technical core knowledge on energy efficiency, thermal, acoustic or fire safety.
• Develop specific marketing tools as part of the marketing plan for assigned topics on energy efficiency, thermal, acoustic or fire safety.
• Constantly involved in the market of the allocated segment through customer discussions, consultant visits, site visits, professional membership, trade shows, etc, to keep updated on latest market and design trend, product development and technologies in the industry.
• Participate in departmental or inter-department projects as allocated.
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