As the covid virus spreads further, parents and educations counsellors likewise are supporting the idea of online schooling. The challenge of online schooling however, drastically reduces the interest and concentration of young kids who are not used to online schooling. Further, in those days that there is no online sessions, the kids are not motivated to self study.

My niece has come up with this workbook, specifically Chinese (with English translation) mathematics for pre schoolers with eye catching graphics and interesting activities to do. She has done her research as to what the child needs to know before entering primary school for the Mathematics subject (i.e 1 year worth of preschool maths) 馃檪

My kids love it so much and look forward to each session, which i use to supplement their school sessions on those days that the teacher is not teaching, hence my kids are used to daily school activities, Hope it helps you guys as much!

This Chinese preschool maths book will be available via soft copy, password protected @USD8. Hard copy by courier can be considered if recipient is in Malaysia, but will have cost of courier to be borne by the buyer.

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