• 2000 – 3500
  • Selangor – Shah Alam / Subang
  • Anywhere

Location: Subang

Job Description
Daily Job
Before Lesson Start
To prepare Daily Lesson Plan.
To prepare the required teaching aids such as flash card, concrete materials and others.
To collect students’ attendance list and Lesson Record Book from the Clerk.
To mark students’ attendance list. Please report to Academic Head or the Clerk immediately, if have any absentees.
To ensure students’ study notes copies are enough to distribute.
During Lesson
To teach the entire syllabus that has been set in the students’ study notes.
To create a good study environment in class and instill moral values to students from the time being.
To motivate students all the times by referring to Bright Kids Student Reward System.
To discipline students in class.
To give “punishment” to students when necessary but not to “cane” students unless very serious mistake from the student.

After Lesson
To review on Daily Lesson Plan.
Record down any problems occur during lesson or suggest any solution in the Lesson Record Book.
(Suggested to record student’s progress under individually name in the Lesson Record Book.)
Assist student in School Homework Guidance and School Assignment.
Ensure Student learn their spellings assigned by the centre and school.
Weekly / Monthly Job
To collect student Homework Record book for evaluation purposed.
To prepare student progress Evaluation Form A and attached in Bright Kids Message Book.
To attend Bright Kids Family Meeting or Teacher Training that fixed in every month or when required.

Other Job
To be a self discipline teacher inside or outside of the classroom.
To be responsible in the √ item only.
To assist in kitchen and serve lunch to students.
To control the discipline in main hall and ensure all students to take bath and eat rice.
To assist Principal and Academic Head to perform any related task when required.
Candidates must possess at least a Diploma holder in education.
For those from outstation, food and lodging can be arranged.
Working hours at the moment would be from 12pm to 7.30pm.

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