• 3501 – 5000
  • Selangor – Klang
  • Anywhere

Industry : Manufacturing

Key Responsibilities:
• Project Planning
– To formulate project description (project requirements, objectives, organization) in cooperation with the end user.
– To formulate project budgets, project schedules and identification of other required resources to achieve project objectives.
– To generate investment request for projects in close cooperation with end users.
– In cooperation with the parent company, to ensure that the best solution is chosen, taking into account group know how/best practices, optimizing investment amounts while taking in consideration quality, total cost of ownership, SHE-Q

• Project Implementation
– To ensure projects are monitored and managed effectively to meet agreed project objectives (timeline, budget, etc.).
Providing periodic status reports and highlighting of possible issues.
– To ensure that projects are properly handed over to end users, ensuring required documentation is in place and training is carried out.
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