PA to Deputy Chairman

  • 5001 – 7500
  • Selangor – Petaling Jaya
  • Anywhere

Industry : Property

(A) Office Matters
• Answering telephone calls; answering family related phone calls, taking messages, making appointments, maintaining diaries on appointments; Organizing meetings.
• Maintaining Absence of Leave Schedule of Directors for the purpose of signing of Audited Accounts of past years;
• Typing; Filing;
• Using a variety of software packages; Managing database
• Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative system
• Booking of air tickets and arranging hotels accommodation
• Liaising with staff of Axis Group of Companies; Liaising with staff of Axis REIT Managers Berhad on matters relating to Axreit units – Board of Directors’ Meeting, Unit Holders’ Meeting, Re-investment of Dividends; arranging deposits of Axis Reit dividends payments; Liaising with the accountant on updating of banking accounts;
• Handle all in-coming correspondence
• In-charge of payroll, EPF, SOCSO and Income Tax and preparing cheques for salary; In-charge of payroll, EPF, SOCSO and Income Tax and preparing cheques for salary; Maintaining payroll register; Preparing EA Form for staff and submission to Inland Revenue dept on yearly basis; Maintaining and preparing  documents related to Income Tax for submission to Tax agent
• Maintaining Staff Personnel files / recording of annual leave and medical leave
• Keeper of legal documents in fire-proof safe – land titles, SPA, certificates etc
• Keeper of Common Seals in fire-proof safe; Keeper of cheque books
• Maintaining frequent flyers memberships / hotels memberships; maintaining and update mileage programs.
• Arranging and preparing telegraphic transfers application Forms on monthly basis  & ad hoc basis; Arranging forex with money changer (for travel / holidays); Maintaining all bank files; Corresponding /Arranging and preparing payments (by T/T) for condo units in UK – ground rent and service charges on a half-yearly payment;
• Maintaining all credit card files; payments for and filing of household expenses, credit cards, other expenses.
•  preparation of payments on due dates etc; Preparing monthly payments of Housing Loans ; Confirmation of cheques (issued) with bankers; Corresponding with bankers on matters regarding the accounts. arranging On Time TT payments for different countries and filing of TT forms, such as Taiwan, USA and UK
• Maintaining, storing and scanning of business cards
• Liaising with the accountant on Private Equities acquisition of properties
• Issuance of cheques (being shareholders advance) to private equities companies to maintain finances from banks.
• Renewing road tax and insurance for cars; Renewing of Staff insurance with insurance agent
• Keeper of original Car Registration cards
• In-charge / Keeper of all original computer software
• Renewing of Anti-virus/internet licence yearly
• Arranging despatch of cheques/documents etc; Preparing documents and arranging courier service collection
• Maintaining of Fund Investment files; Filing and recording of all  banking /TT transactions
• Corresponding with lawyers on sale and purchase of houses/land etc; Corresponding with remisier on sale and purchase of ax-reit units; Corresponding with Tax Agent; Corresponding with Company Secretary in Labuan; Corresponding with Company Secretary in BVI; Corresponding with Company Secretary in KL; In-charge of company secretarial files of AESB group of companies.
• Maintaining files on bungalow land acquisition: Frasers Hill land and Sg Buloh land
• Answering letters/emails – independently; To serve coffee and tea, if required;
• Maintaining and filing family passports ICs, related documentations ; Any other matters

(B) House Matters
• Preparing payment for house utilises- TNB/ Syabas/Indah Water/ Telekoms/ Quit Rent/ Assessments/ Maintenance and sinking funds.
• Renewing Gen Set licence yearly
• Maintaining house files on contractors / architect / builders / repairers; on Government Service Providers
• Any other matters/demands during office hours and after office hours
• Maintaining contacts of services for the house.

– Minimum Secretarial cert/diploma
– At least 5 years PA experience
– Possess excellent communication
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