Master – Upholstery & Sewing Process Development

  • 5001 – 7500
  • Selangor – Others
  • Anywhere

Industry : Furniture

– Developing present upholstery techniques and processes throughout current and future product ranges after initial evaluation.
– Development and introduction of new production processes to reduce upholstery manufacturing man – minutes for all products and for each stage of upholstery procedure.
– A written review of the company’s present procedure and upholstery processes to be undertaken in the context of increasing productivity, cost-down, quality improvement and in-line enforcement.
– Similarly a study and review of modern methodology in regard to potential for the introduction of new upholstery hand tooling and/or mechanization based on economic viability to increase production output.
– The process development aspects as described will initially cover template making – drawing & nesting – cutting – foaming – sewing – dressing of new product samples within R&D taking account of the viability factors for their incorporation into production. An evaluation to further reduce material usage to be undertaken – monitored – maintained at sample development stage.
– The work scope dictates that you should initially work independently within R&D unencumbered by the day to day requirements of other work in progress activity unless you are specifically requested to do so by your immediate superior.
– Recommend training & time recording routines for present and in particular new production workers.

– At least 3 years experience in same field
– Open gender
– Willing to work in Port Klang and on alternate Saturdays
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