• 7501 – 9999
  • Selangor – Klang
  • Anywhere


To ensure products are fit for purpose and to agreed standards of quality acceptance for end user purpose and reliability. Concise process flows and policies are required to be structured around the key responsibilities as defined below.

Job Scope:
(A) External Supplier Product QC.
• Ensure ‘new and existing’ suppliers products are of the best possible quality – in terms of appearance, performance and reliability.
• New suppliers to be Audited accordingly in-line with company policy and correct protocols.
QC inspection processes / method / monitoring.
Determining of AQL (new products / existing ).
Deal with suppliers for customer complaint issues.
• Ensure packaging is of the best possible standard for product transportation and storage purposes.

(B) Goods – internal IQC.
• Devise and oversee affective testing protocols for new products goods in. Ensure test protocols are studied for effectiveness and are in line and updated according to end user performance issue and new functions/amendments.
QC inspection jigs.
Monthly reports of incoming stock with reject findings.
Suppliers reject items to be labelled in quarantine area for re-work / supplier replacement etc.
• Ensure ‘goods in’ products arrive in good condition and order – carton box structure and the contents quality.

(C) Production – Inline QC.
• Work closely with QC Manager to put best practices in place, to ensure production inline quality checking is effective and regularly monitored to ensure agreed standards are achieved.

(D) Aftersales Product Performance Monitoring
• Customer complaint feedback from UK support and FORMSTACK.
• NCR – ECR – CAR responsibility and follow up issues.
• Revisions of generation code if applicable.
• Follow up after implementation of change required / made.
• Determine areas where there are product related issues in the market place. Work to ensuring all product are working below 1% failure. Present a monthly report on product performance vs sold & delivered.

(E) Spare Parts Stores
• Ensure all spare parts are Generation Code Prioritized (non obsolete items only).
• Ensure stock levels are monitored and registered on a Drop Box (shared) Excel Sheet.
• Ensure all spare parts stock is neatly stacked and individually sectioned and labelled
• Maintain the Innovation spares stores to correct stock level with adequate control / security.
• Ensure spare parts PO’s are acquired and spare parts are picked and packed in a way that they are protected and clearly marked for shipment. Provide spare parts packing information to Customer Service/Sales with photo images of goods to ship.
Ensure mandatory Innovation Optiserve Spare Parts are arranged according to protocol.

(F) Product Certification – Country Orientated
• Pre Purchase Due-diligence.
• Ensure pre purchased products have the required country certification. As specified by country domestic appliance legislation. Acquire all Legislation / Directive Fact Sheets – by Country

(G) Electrical Support
• Support the Innovations Development Assistant – were necessary, with electrical knowledge/requirements.

(H) PO/SO examination (First Run Production Order)
• Ensure all new product production orders are suitable and correct to spec and description

(I) New Product Development Projects Involvements
• Be instrumental in working closely with the product development manufacturer and company Development Team, with ongoing developments (Spec, Functionality, Performance, Test Protocols and costings ) including fault and risk assessments / life cycle testing.
• Help source local and overseas suppliers for new product development items.

– Relevant experience in QA/QC, suppliers, etc.
– Able to lead and manage subordinates.
– Able to speak and read Mandarin.
– Willing to travel to China.
– Experience in the furniture industry is an advantage.

Congratulations to the focused individual who is willing to travel the distance from his house to his workplace to follow his dreams! A round peg in a round hole, indeed! Thanks to all others who have applied.
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