Head of Sales

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Not Stated
  • Anywhere

Industry: Retail
Report To: President & Group Managing Director


• To support the President in handling key logistics & administration of sales rallies, events, incentive trips and training events or seminars.
• Formulate, manage, administer and analyse the recruitment Force Incentive Scheme in order to motivate the Sales Force to achieve stretched sales objectives.
• Manage printed literature for recruitment & sales campaign promotions.


1. Sales events, rallies, meetings and trips are managed efficiently and effectively.
• Identify, source and book locations for national events and regional or state-run company organized salesforce meetings and other field activities.
• Work closely with the Sales Team and Event Management Companies to support and facilitate sales events or product launches or talks targeted at sales
force, throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
• Prepare budget for conferences, events, meetings, trips and manage the actual expenditure of sales events, meetings, trips vs approved budgets.
• Prepare, compile and continuously update a checklist of best practices for our major events like Convention, Leadership Conferences ete.
• Work with Travel agents to prepare program for incentive trip, which may include pre-trip inspection.
• Prepare the list of achievers for all Recognition Rallies, Convention and any other Salesforce recognitions at sales conferences
• Registration of participants or achievers for conferences, meetings, training, trips and any other sales events.
• Cataloguing all photos, videos produced for the event and during the event.

2. Past Trends and Analysis of Sales Leaders Performance are accurate and readily available.
• Prepare reports on past performances of Sales Leaders in order to be used as a basis for formulation on new Salesforce Incentives and promotions.
• Assist the President and GMD to set goals for Sales Leaders & communicate these goals to Sales Leaders.
• Analyse the performance of past salesforce incentive and promotions to evaluate ROI and ways to do the promotions better


• Degree in Business / Marketing / Advertising / Media or equivalent.
• At least 10 years working in this position within fast paced and dynamic working environment, preferably as Senior Manager.
• Proven ability to lead group of personnel towards growth in enhanced sales volume and revenue generation while displaying exceptional leadership skills and confidence.
• Experienced in evaluating market situations and analysing raw data and information, and transforming it into actionable sales strategies and approaches.

To apply for this job email your details to kaliangp@yahoo.com