Finance Partner

  • 3501 – 5000
  • Pahang
  • Anywhere

Industry : Education
Terms      : 2 year renewable contract


Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Inventory and Asset Management
1. Analyse existing systems & processes in the school – i.e. through
observation, desk analysis, interview, walkthrough, sample testing,
compliance checklist based on existing MOE Guidelines.
2. Monitor, perform audit and report audit findings on compliance to the
policies, procedures and guidelines – as per MOE Guidelines including
related Circular and Treasury guidelines (Arahan Perbendaharaan).
3. Identify further weaknesses and recommend further improvements and
training required (may be involved in delivering structured training or
on the job training as needed).
4. Follow up and ensure all recommended action items are taken, until
the issues are resolved and/or the weakness areas are improved.
5. Assist the School Leadership Team “(SLT)” to drive the relevant
Finance Clerk (Pembantu Tadbir Kewangan) – “(PTK)” / Chief Financial
Officer (Ketua Pembantu Tadbir) – “(KPT)” to take ownership of school
finance & accounting, procurement, inventory and asset management.
6. Support the planning and implementation of yearly audit programme by
the School’s Internal Auditor.

Budgeting and Financial Planning
1. To monitor and review the budget report prepared by SLTs, KPT and PTK
as for the followings:-
– 2-Year Budget (to MOE)
– Yearly/Quarterly Revised Budget (Pelarasan) (to MOE)
– School detailed monthly budget
2. To assist the SLT to ensure that the PT / KPT is actively involved in
the Implementation the financial budgeting process with the school
ensuring that the objectives of the TSIP and Key Performance Targets are
addressed in the budget.
3. Act as a change agent to assist the School Leadership Team,
Department Heads, Subject Heads and relevant PTK / KPT to take ownership
(identify budget owners for each budget items) of school operational and
educational budgets that are linked to TSIP, with the aim to achieve the
Key Performance Target of the Trust School.
4. To assist the SLT to ensure that all budgets are to be done on a
monthly spread.
On accumulative quarterly basis, School Operating Expenditure (Anggaran
Belanja Mengurus) “(ABM)”and Per Capita Grant “(PCG)” budgets are to be
spent according to MOE recommendation and guidelines.
5. To check and audit monthly accounting records and report on budget vs
actual variance analysis.
6. To identify major variances, seek justification of the variances from
respective budget owners and recommend appropriate follow up actions
(ensure that the follow up actions are to be taken and resolved by the
next quarter).

Other Responsibilities and Duties
1. As part of the operations team in the cluster, to assist the capture,
collation and analysis of the Students & teachers Attendance.
2. Escalate and timely reporting to Yayasan Amir (YA) on
financial-related issues. Follow up on necessary actions to be taken
until the issues are resolved.
3. Promote and adhere to the Company’s Vision and Values at all times.
4. Maintain high commitment to quality, positive attitude,
accountability and enthusiasm at all times.
5. Observe culturally sensitive and appropriate behavior, dress codes
and language at all times.
6. Any other job that requested by the Superior, Line Manager and
General Manager (Finance).

– Minimum Degree in Accounting. Degree qualification in the same field
would be desired.
– Minimum 3-5 years of experience in handling full sets of accounts,
budgeting and liaising with external auditors, tax and bankers with some
experience in the Education industry.
– Excellent communication skills (able to speak well in Bahasa Malaysia
and English);
– All Microsoft packages, especially Microsoft Excel, Word and Power
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