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Location: KL
General Jobs

To provide advisory support to the Trust Schools, with different focus areas within the sustaining phase of the Yayasan AMIR Trust School Programme. The following posts are available:
EA Leadership – across the cluster
EA Teaching and Learning – in the primary school level,
EA Teaching and Learning – in the secondary school level, and
EA Student, parent and community support – across the cluster
To work peripatetically with school leaders and teachers as a mentor and coach to develop their practices, skills and knowledge of effective pedagogy and best strategies, and provide support towards sustainable, transferrable, achievable and replicable education improvement.
Primary Functions / Responsibilities:
Trust School Implementation
Expand the school leaders and teachers’ understanding and implementation of continuous school improvement processes.
Support school leaders to identify areas of need and priorities within the school, set up goals, distribute leadership duties and develop action plans in collaboration with key school staff to foster change where it is most needed.
Support professional development for all school staff through coaching and modelling, and model best practises in teaching & learning to support teachers and leaders with enabling improved student outcomes.
Support the school staff in building capacity through the delivery of Continuous Professional Development programmes where needed and as per agreement with the Senior Education Adviser, Operations Manager and ERD Team.
Support the school staff to achieve the set TSIP targets through pedagogical and leadership coaching and training where needed.
Support guidance & leadership understanding towards effective financial management in line with school improvement priorities where needed.
Support and work with school leaders and teachers to collect robust and valid data in relation to provide effective improvements in teaching & learning practices.
Improvement Programme and activities are communicated in a timely and concise manner.
Monitoring and tracking effective implementation of the Trust
School programmes
Guide school staff how to analyse relevant school data to be used for implementing change to school systems, pedagogy and assessment.
Support school staff with monitoring and data analysis and the development and implementation of effective action plans.
Provide operation reports according to agreed timelines on school improvement status and track delays or escalate issues in implementing best practice in leadership and curriculum improvement initiatives for immediate action.
Support school leaders with monitoring of school PMS and provide training where needed.
To work closely with school leaders, teachers and the Senior Education Adviser to ensure all School Improvement Programme and activities are communicated in a timely and concise manner.
Other Responsibilities
Any other appropriate duties as allocated by the CEO, General Manager or Strategic Implementation Manager.
Promote and adhere to the Company’s Vision and Values at all times.
Maintain high commitment to quality, positive attitude, accountability and enthusiasm at all times.
Observe culturally sensitive and appropriate behaviour, dress and language at all times.
Acquire relevant knowledge of the local culture and customs.
Academic Qualification
Minimum a Bachelor’s Degree with a recognized teaching qualification with significant school leadership experience would be an advantage and desired.

Relevant Experience
8-10 years of working experience in the education section.
Experience as a Senior or Middle Leader in schools.
Experience working in an Advisory capacity for an education service provider, within the Ministry of Education or similar.
Experience of leading and managing change successfully.
Experience of School Improvement Planning and its executions.
Experience of designing, delivering and leading effective Professional Development programmes.
Experience of international school transformation programmes is highly desirable.
Skills & Traits Required
Excellent understanding of the core pedagogies promoted through the Trust School TeachSmart programme:
Assessment for Learning
Positive behaviour management
Cooperative learning
Literacy and Numeracy skills development
Gathering and use of data to promote learning
Childhood development
Thinking skills development
Engaging all learners
Proven ability to motivate and inspire others.
Proven ability to relate, motivate and communicate effectively with others.
Well organised and proficient at scheduling, with excellent presentation skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills including high levels of emotional intelligence.
Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as analytical & problem solving skills.
Creative and strategic thinker with highly effective leadership skills.
Reliability, adaptability, self-reliant and high level of self-motivation.
An understanding of the ethos of partnering and evidence of delivering in that environment.
Self-disciplined with a strong work ethic and ability to operate with minimal supervision.
Competent and independent user of Microsoft Office programmes (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
Leadership Criteria
Professionalism and good work ethics.
Self-disciplined, self-motivated and committed.
Ownership of job and timely completion of work.
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