Account Director

  • 10,000 and above
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Anywhere

Industry : Advertising

• Responsible for day to day management of accounts (including workflow, quality control, budget control & invoicing) and delights Clients with the quality of our work
• Learns how to be a Brand Steward and applies it by being seen as a trusted advisor by the client team
• Identifies and implements best practice from around the O&M network
• Works collaboratively with planning and client to develop strategies and briefs that inspire great work – resulting in compelling effectiveness award submissions
• Works to anticipate problems and improve performance of the Brand Team
• Ensures that Clients are efficiently charged for the work the Company has performed and that they pay for it, monitoring scoped resource on a regular bases to track efficiency.
• Coaches and brings best practice in account service skills to the Brand Team
• Helps develop, identify and sell great work, resulting in compelling creative award submissions
• Encourages a climate of creativity and innovation in the Brand Team
• Understands and implements efficiently the IMP process designed by the client to execute fully integrated campaigns. Monitors and ensures all projects are kept on schedule.
• Helps raise the profile of the Company in the professional & Clients’ communities
• Works with peers within the network to apply best practice
• Works with peers in other disciplines to produce integrated communications that builds the Brand
• Identifies and pursues new revenue streams within the existing account
• Assists on new business as required

• Seen as a Client’s business partner
• Embodies and reflects the Company culture
• Leads by example
• Embraces and directs 360º Branding strategy
• Committed to the highest standards for all the Company’s work
• Team motivator who sets account tone/ manages morale
• Passion for big ideas
• Inspires Client’s/the Company’s confidence
• Proactively addresses future Client’s/the Company’s problems/opportunities
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